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Surprising Headache Triggers

What are your headache triggers? Chances are, you can name at least two or three things that can almost always put you on the road to a headache of some kind. Some people even have migraine triggers. There are five different types of headaches to consider. Regardless of whether you suffer from only tension headaches, or if you also have to occasionally deal with cluster headaches and migraines, you know your triggers.

Or do you?

Believe it or not, but it is entirely possible that you do not know all of your headache triggers. In fact, do you ever get headaches, and you’re not entirely sure of where they came from? Chances are, it came from a place you never would have guessed. There are a lot of different headache triggers out there, and some of them are definitely going to surprise you.

What Are Some Surprising Triggers For Headaches?

Obesity is a surprising trigger that many people fail to appreciate. However, an increasing number of studies indicate that those who qualify as obese or higher were at a greater risk to headaches than those who don’t. Many triggers come down to raising your potential for headaches to occur with greater frequency and severity. Even your personality is a potential trigger. Studies are keenly suggesting that personality traits like obsessiveness can lend themselves well to a higher potential for headaches.

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There are also triggers that can instantly connect you to a headache. Believe it or not, but an orgasm can actually give you a headache sometimes. This is due to something known as overexertion, which is the same sort of problem joggers and other athletic individuals can have.

Do you ever get a headache on the weekend? Do headaches strike right at the start of your vacation? Sometimes, even if we don’t overtly feel it, a change in the routine can set off little stressors in our brains. This stress can lead to a headache, even if the change to your routine is a positive one. Like the headache we mentioned in the previous paragraph, these headaches tend not to be too severe. You can treat them easily enough with OTC medications for pain.

Traditional house painting products can still set off a headache. On the other hand, it could be the fact that you’re not drinking enough water. You would be surprised at how many small headaches can be eliminated with something as simple as a little more water in your day.